iStock_000000305172MediumComplete Phytochemical Solutions is internationally recognized for our ability to address evolving industry needs through guided consultation and assessment of our client’s production and marketing objectives.

Our consultants have over 80 years of collective research experience developing and applying analytic methods to assess bioactivity, authenticity and standardization of fruits, forages, extracts and value-added products. Ripe pomegranate on the branch. The foliage on the background.

Our consultants will work with your company to develop customized analytic assays to characterize the unique phytochemical composition of your raw materials and end products.

Our consultants have strong connections to leading scientists at universitites, contract research organizations and business incubators.

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Christian G. Krueger, Amy B. Howell & Jess D. Reed

Office Phone: 608-423-1327, 275 Rodney Road, Cambridge, WI 53523