Three Criteria

Authenticity. Standardization. Efficacy. 

Complete Phytochemical Solutions identifies three important criteria related to Development, Production & Marketing of phytochemically rich products:

iStock_000007477150MediumAUTHENTICITY. Botanicals contain a wide range of phytochemicals, some that promote health and others that can be deleterious. The proportion of these constituents can vary due to differences in plant genetics, cultivation, environment, product processing and storage.

STANDARDIZATION. Once active botanical constituents are targeted and identified as safe, bioactivity levels need to be established and standardized. This is necessary for product uniformity, regulatory compliance, value-added differentiation in the market and promotion of consumer satisfaction.

EFFICACY. The promise of phytochemicals in health promotion is often seriously hampered by the lack of understanding of how phytochemical structures can influence the bioactivity of beneficial constituents.